The Junction offers a wide range of products for troubleshooting WiFi Networks. No one has time to scroll through hundreds of rows of data; MetaGeek’s tools crunch the numbers for you and create intuitive graphs and charts that let you spot patterns and potential problems quickly and easily. Common problems such as interference from neighbouring networks, non-WiFi devices, poor router placement, inadequate coverage, faulty network configurations, and dropped connections can be a headache and virtually impossible to diagnose without help. MetaGeek provides tools for the novice as well as for professionals. MetaGeek has gathered statistics which have shown that Service Providers who have used MetaGeek’s inSSIDer Technician have enjoyed on average a 29% reduction in WiFi-related on-site visits and a 21% reduction in WiFI-related support calls. Click here for our brochure: -       MetaGeek inSSIDer Technician (EN) -       MetaGeek inSSIDer Technician (NO) The Chanalyzer Essential Bundle goes even further and includes Wi-Spy DBx, Chanalyser + Report Builder, and Device Finder 2,4 GHz Directional Antenna. This product is used by many Internet providers for ensuring that their customers receive a quality installation. For further information about WiFi Network Troubleshooting Tools call or send us a mail, we are already ready to help.
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